O’Neill HyperFreak+ 5/4mm Chest Zip

374,95 incl. BTW

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O’Neill HyperFreak+ 5/4mm Chest Zip

O’Neill’s Chest Zip Entry wetsuit is the most unique, light weight, fully sealed wetsuit on the market. This advanced technology allows you perform at the highest level with materials so comfortable and light, you’d swear you were surfing naked.

-Chest Zip Entry over a 360° Barrier with Drain Holes

-O’Neill’s exclusive Technobutter 3, maximum strength, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate warmth and comfort. Built to last.

-O’Neill’s exclusive Technobutter 3x pre-stretched neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core.

-Technobutter 3x Fully Taped Seams, the lightest, stretchiest neoprene seam tape ever. 0.5MM split-neoprene applied to triple glued seams with water-based glue to keep you dry and loose.

-360° Barrier with Drain Holes

-Double Seal Collar

-Chest/Lower Body: Technobutter 3

-Back/Arms/Shoulders: Technobutter 3X

-External Key Pocket with Loop

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